A Review of Progress on Access to the Traditional Mass in the Diocese of Helena

Our mission of helping expand the use of the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form Mass) in the Diocese of Helena is progressing although in some areas more slowly than others.

Father Bart Tolleson of SS Cyril and Methodius Parish in East Helena has done an outstanding job of celebrating the Mass regularly. Father is now celebrating monthly Missa Cantatas (sung Masses) at Cyril and Methodius along with twice monthly low Masses at Carroll College (on Fridays). The Missa Cantata is an extremely beautiful Mass to which all Catholics should have access. However, these Masses take a great deal of participation and preparation by the parish to provide the beautiful Gregorian Chant so rarely heard in our Diocese and the many servers needed for this Mass.

The availability of the Traditional Mass at Carroll College is also a special blessing for students there. Special thanks to Father, his parish staff, musicians, servers, and all involved in bringing these Masses to the faithful of the Diocese.

Father Sean Raftis, assigned in late to 2016 to St Richard’s Parish in Columbia Falls has been celebrating a weekly 8:00 am Sunday Low Mass since his first ever Traditional Mass at midnight on Christmas 2016. Father began only a few weeks after completing training for the Traditional Mass at the Fraternity of Saint Peter Seminary in Nebraska last December. Thanks to all the Latin Mass Montana donors who enabled us to send Father training, and special thanks to Father for his valiant efforts on behalf of our spiritual welfare.

After a weekly Sunday Low Mass throughout 2016, Father Kevin Christofferson discontinued the Traditional Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish in Polson. With the duties of supporting several parishes and rebuilding the faith and catechesis at his parishes, Father felt that his energies needed to be concentrated on his local parishioners. Although Father’s decision was a setback for the growth of the Traditional Mass in the Diocese, Father’s decision for the souls of his faithful will hopefully help more faithful at Immaculate Conception appreciate the Traditional Form of the Roman Rite more fully in time. Please pray that father is able to continue the Traditional Mass soon.

Masses at St John the Baptist in Frenchtown (where Father Christofferson began the first Mass in the Diocese in 2007) were discontinued after Fr. Tallman was no longer able to offer the Mass.  Bishop Thomas wrote a letter to the FSSP requesting assistance from St. Joan of Arc parish in Idaho, and we are finalizing a schedule for restoring the monthly Masses at Frenchtown in early 2018.  Please pray for Father Steven Tallman in his retirement. Father is a beautiful example of a priest with the heart of Christ!  Please also pray for the FSSP priests in Idaho that will be assisting with bringing the Mass back to Frenchtown.  

The Traditional Mass is a most beautiful expression of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and it’s use across the Diocese will bring great blessings of faith and vocations as it has in the past and is currently doing around our country and the world. Please continue to support the existing Masses in the Diocese and Latin Mass Montana. May God bless you.


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